Healthy Teeth, Healthy Smile

I bet you will feel embarrassed to smile if you have bad teeth right? Well, there here are so many ways to keep your teeth clean and healthy as long as you are willing to do it. The most common thing is to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Night brush before sleep is as important as morning brush. Food particles that collect in the gaps between our teeth will get converted to lactic acid. This acid will attack your tooth enamel and it caused tooth decay and cavities. This will also caused bad breath. Isn’t that sound scary?!

Next is your tongue. Clean your tongue with tongue cleaner everytime after your brush your teeth. Brushing with tooth brush won’t be too helpful. You can get it easily at the stores, pharmacy or dental clinic. Gently clean your tongue with tongue cleaner and you will get rid of bacteria. Tongue can caused bad breath too.

Then don’t forget to floss your teeth at least once a day before bed. Brushing alone will not help to get rid of food particles that collect in the gaps of our teeth. Don’t floss too hard because your gum will bleed. Try wax floss with mint flavor and you can easily get it too.

Mouth rinse or mouth antiseptic is a good choice too. Gargle for around 30 seconds or as directed and spit it out. It will not only fight cavities and tooth decay but it also gives you fresh breath all day long. Don’t leave your mouth for 8 hours without brushing but maybe you won’t have time to brush everytime after meal right? So you can use mouth rinse instead. Get the pocket size bottle and keep it in your bag. You can use it anytime you like.

Last but not least, see your dentist twice a year. It means once every 6 months. Your teeth need to be “serviced” as your car too. Don’t be afraid to see dentist because you are the one who will get the benefits. Make all these tips as your new habits and encourage your kids too. When you have healthy teeth, you will have healthy smile too.