Hair Loss

Did you know that you may suffer the effects of hair aging? As possible! This will help you understand what hair is in reality.

First, the hair you can see in your head is dead. Our hair is very long strands of keratinized cells, which, for lack of a better term, is dead. There is no reason why these keratinized dead cells can not be beautiful.

One of the most significant signs of aging is gray hair, dull and brittle, and lifeless hair. Let see what is really a gray hair.

Hair and skin color are both a function of how much melanin you have in your body. As you age, the production of melanin decreases. For hair, that shows that it will gradually lose its color, as a result, you guessed it, gray hair.

Lets consider some treatments if you want to help your hair appear more youthful:

1) Hair dyes and colors

This is usually the first thing to achieve when we started to pull out the gray strands of our heads.

Dyes are used to penetrate the hair shaft without damaging it. Ammonia is the most common chemical ingredient in chemical dying, but there are some who use vegetable-based colors such as sage and henna.

Color your hair can make a lot of benefits.

Getting rid of the gray color will immediately keep your age between you and your hairdresser. The added benefits of modern hair coloring is all the conditioners that are now added. Many people say their hair feels better when its colored than when its gray.

You will have to experiment a little when you coloring your hair until you get the color and quality you want.

2) Medicines

Contact your doctor about prescription medications that can slow the process of retarded melanin production.

Be careful. Like other medications, there is possible side effects with the use of hair treatments.

If you are weary of them, try other methods first.

Some medications may claim they are completely natural. However, you must always consult with your doctor before taking any medication, orally or topically, although the ingredients sound like you always heard.

3) Natural Treatments

Natural anti-aging hair treatments have fewer (if any) side effects. They can be applied topically directly to the hair to affect the melanin production in the body.

A few examples of these treatments are Amla oil, Eugenol oil, superoxide dismutase, melanin, and Retin A.

If an element already exists in the body, like melanin, you might assume its use is without risk.

However, checking with your doctor before applying any treatment to your skin and hair is always a good idea.

Some natural treatments have been known to have side effects, and each body responds differently to elements, even when they are natural.

4) Vitamins

Getting a balanced diet is important to overall health, including your hairs health and youthful appearance.

Certain vitamins and minerals may enhance your chance of fighting off the effects aging has on your hair.

Vitamin B12, biotin, inositol, folic acid, and a variety minerals have been shown to improve hair, especially as we age.

Many people simply cannot eat enough vitamin-rich foods to get enough of these vitamins. Thats why finding good vitamin supplements is so important.

Do thorough research and get the very best quality vitamin and mineral supplements that you can afford.

And, as always, review your options with your doctor to see just which vitamins will benefit you.

Graying, lifeless, dry, and brittle hair is not the end of the world, but it can affect the way you look and feel about yourself.

Even if you are getting older, there is no reason to look old.

Treat your hair like you treat the rest of your body. Give your hair the best possible chance to look youthful.