6 Easy Steps to Create Good Habits and Change Your Life

If there’s one thing in life we are all good at, it’s making habits. Now whether or not these habits are good ones, is another thing altogether. The good news is, you can start today by adding in one good little habit to your life.

1.Start today by adding one good habit

Start by adding one, then when you feel ready, add another and so on. Do these habits every week, even better, every day. If they are habits that start off realistic and achievable, the habit can be completed on a regular basis. Be warned though, if we have set ourselves a habit that is too hard for us to achieve, we may quickly fail.

2. Do not give up

A good, simple achievable habit can be grown over time into something greater. It’s a way of pushing ourselves, progressing forward and improving but within limits that we do not give up. At first, we need to find the time to make the habit but eventually, it becomes something that we just won’t go without. Don’t choose to make this a bad habit, choose to make it a good one. Imagine that sense of achievement every day when you can say ‘I did it.’

3. Be patient

There are many people out there that are too impatient to get to their goal and so try to cheat, jumping straight to the end vision. For example, this could be crash dieting, diet pills, exercising too much and for too long resulting in pain or injury, reducing food consumption to a minimum therefore starving the body, consuming great quantities of protein and muscle enhancing drugs to build up muscle, clever marketing diet or exercise home DVD sets that are not possible to commit to for the rest of your life and so will end up down the local car boot sale or just gathering dust.

4. Keep it real

I should mention that for the depressed mind, setting a habit or goal in the first place is very hard. That’s why it’s very important that the goal or habit is achievable and unique to that individual. It could be something as small as removing sugar from your morning cereal, waking up in the morning, looking around you and saying ‘thank you’, keeping a journal of positive feelings and so on.

5. Let them grow

These positive little habits started now, become some of the most important habits we have for changing our lives for the better. In the future, you can look back and see just how far you have come – but let’s not jump too far ahead of ourselves, we are here in the moment, in the today, starting now, moving forever forward. Doesn’t that feel good already?

6. Have structure

Without habit, there’s no structure and with no structure things do not get done. Hmm, let me put that in a more positive way…

With good habits, there is a positive structure to life and good things get done and continue to get done, therefore, they become a part of your life.

Over time we can add in little habits to all areas of life; we can change our diets, swapping out the bad for the good, bit by bit. We can education ourselves on diet and nutrition; learn one new thing every day. We can change our physical shape and fitness; start by ten sit-ups every night. We can change our thinking; set one positive affirmation per day or list something to be grateful for every night before you go to sleep. Feel better about yourself; compliment someone or try to help someone everyday. Just see where it all takes you! It’s an exciting journey that anyone can undertake and everyone is more than capable of.

My personal experience of habits started at a young age. I was probably too young really but always thought I was older than my years. After watching a film at the cinema in which a characters fitness inspired me so much, I was determined to get into shape. I wanted to know what it felt like to be the best I could be and the fittest I could feel. I couldn’t afford to join a gym, all I had was my bedroom and so I began, the first exercise session to getting fit. I started with ten sit-ups, ten press-ups and just some fun dancing to music.

I was also very lucky because my mum was into healthy eating and so she educated me well on diet and nutrition. She always gave me options to have treats though, never restricting me. However, once I had decided I was going to get fit, I knew I had to practice self-control. It is very good to practice this as I found out that what it means is that I can have treats when I choose and abstain when I want. I control what I eat and not the food controlling me, within reason of course. I eat a varied diet, high in nutrition and good-sized portions. I am certainly not in the bad habit of going without and starving myself.

Little habits shouldnt stop with one area of your life, you can apply this concept to anything – want to read a book and never have time? Start the habit of reading a page a night perhaps? Want to to run a marathon – You could start by running round the block? Want to play the piano? Start by booking a lesson and then five minutes practice a night and build it up. The list is endless. I am even sat here myself thinking ‘I can put more into practice in my life.’ I also realised that writing these blogs, came from making that little bit of time every week.

So what are you waiting for? Why not start today? Take that little bit of time to think or perhaps make a list of what areas in your life you wish to change, and then pick ONE. Just ONE, theres plenty of time to pick more in the future, lets get that ONE stared today.

I wish you all the best, and just remember  you can do it!

Please feel free to get in touch and let me know if you can relate to this, or if you manage to put any of it into practice. Perhaps these points have helped you in some way or you have a success story from making changes to your life. Id love to hear from you!